Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fashion 4LESS : Outfit of the day


Here's my outfit for today,
Full attire including the boots is below 25KD,
The cost is higher than my previous POST but still, it on the right budget,..... ready???

(hahahah...another drama post!!)

Stripe Turle Neck
(Bait Awladona)

Tribal Design Belt

Light Pink Cotton Blazer

Dark Brown Boots

Short Denim

There you go...>! gooosssshhhh can't believe I'm starting to enjoy taking snaps of my day to day wear, btw, I apologize for the poor quality photos but soon I'll add DSLR on my wishlist ...

" we can always be fashionable in our own ways regardless of the price tag and brand, it's all about US,  what we wear is what we are, FASHION is all about confidence and comfort...."


Handmade Treasures!

As I mentioned before, Me and my buddy actively participating in so many exhibits more particularly Spring and multi cultural events in various hotels in kuwait, But We have to necessarily slow the activities due to our priorities at home and at the office…

I was cleaning my closet last night, and saw our handmade treasures basket intact and full of wonderful stuffs, we supposed to join one bazaar last year but was not able to attend because of  a certain commitment, we ended up putting all the display materials in such basket and kept it in my closet..…,

I want to share with you few of our display in the exhibit; it’s actually for sale if you’re interested….   

Mother Pearl set

Mixed Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets

Fancy Earrings

Here's another fashion for less entry , most of the products are available for less than 3KD except of  the mother pearl set....

Ohhhh gossssshhh... I miss joing bazaars but somehow, family is more important to me at the moment....!,

I LOVE shoes!!...

 I always believe in: less is more and simplicity is the KEY
the below just captured my heart… I purely merely  truly deeply  love the style!!!.....  
(echossss…exaherada ter?!! Waaaaahhhhhhhh)

I don't go for extreme style and heels,
I just want my shoes to be simple but with statement!!...  lovely ouch!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fashion 4LESS : Outfit of the day

For awhile, I was browsing the net wandering into the wonderful world of fashion blogs oh!!! myyyyyyyy gullly.... (with a drool as in tulo kaayo akong laway!!)...it's a heaven!!!! , moreover, I applaude others who are trying to catch the fever and trend, but one thing I have noticed most of this fashionista tends to display branded and expenssive  clothing than to showcase their tru talent in style beyond the tags and brand...... well, it is not a surprise coz everyone wants to be fashionable and belong to the circle of trendy and "CAN AFFORD" kind of  image....

My point is, price tag and brand is not always define as FASHION,  we can always be fashionable in our ways regardless of the price tag and brand, it's all about US,  what we wear is what we are, FASHION is all about confidence and comfort....
and so, here's my very first FASHION for LESS entry...., the totality of what I wear is less than 20KD and I'm proud to say that, it maybe a WALEY!! (not cool) for others but I felt comfy and confident wearing the whole package,,,

The Office Geek


btw, excuse the baby walker on the background (lols)......  
But here it is..plain and simple!  my office outfit for the day

Pettite Slacks

Knitted Long Sleeve Tops
(Bait Awladona)


TEXwoman Maroon Shoes
( From Carrefour) 
( wear it with black socks since, it's winter buddy!!)

Gearing up my Fantasy!!

Last week, me and my partner in crime ( best buds) decided to wear this so called “ COVERALL”, actually, I fantasized  wearing it for several years now  and it was only last week , I finally have that reality of my fantasy….! ( ewwwww....so mababaw! kababawan sa kabaw!!)

Well of course,  gearing up is quite exhausting and heavy but after 30minutes of  going into the details of exerting the suit into my body, I finally wore it with sweat and smile…!

This is how I look with a cover-all fully equipped with all the safety gears and shoes:

So All thru out the day, I was in high mode, taking pictures with everyone in almost all corners of the company… here’s the snaps of  my craziness along with my colleagues and boss ( yes I know!! he's crazy too.. he's the exact opposite of terrible BOSS!!!)

I simply love my look that day that I just want to go home with the suit on….

Wisemummy: Pick of the DAY!

ok ok....  let me get this straight, I'm not a good cook not even in baking, I always have that fear to fail when it comes to cooking or baking as it would make my mom and hubby really go gaga, needless to say, it will just bring me to history where I cooked loads of spaghetti for dinner and turned out to be a nightmare for our guest..anyway, enough!!... ( inyo jud kong daug-daogon ba!!! nakssss!! as if affektado ang monster!! weeeh??)

Last night ,I was in the bakala (small convenient store in arabic-sosyal ko ter ha!!) running my hand into the shelves of canned goods when I saw this new cover of nestle condensed milk , I hurriedly grab one coz it says: LIGHT!! ( mura jud ko na siglakan sa light!!)I was really surprise and at the same time happy for this wonderful development of nestle product coz I don't have to cut my craving for sweet delights.....

oh well, the hard thing is that, I bought one of this but still don't have the  idea what the hell I'm going to do with it!!! ( piskot ter!!!  as in wah jud ko gahuna-huna nga nipalit ko...! pastilan !!)  but hubby said, he's going to make a YEMA balls tonight!  and can't wait!!!  

Me- Struggling to find my CUT!!!

Over the years, I always struggle to find the perfect jean, although, I have my happy jeans with me that perfectly fits my big behind ( char!!!.. astang dako-a og lubot ter!!! hehehe)  kalowkah!

Everytime I go for shopping, I always have the hard time trying out for jeans and worst when it is on perfect SALE where everything is on its lowest price but NO FITTING is allowed ...! ERFFFFpppp....(as in dakong ERRFFFFPP),

while on the net this morning, browsing for juicy blind items to read I happen to read this thru yahoo.com and instantly, I feel the bliss to find my way out of frustration,

I copy the full article here for my fellow jeans hunter...


Shopping for perfect fitting jeans doesn't have to be an exercise in exhaustion. Know the styles and brands that fit and flatter, and you'll look thinner, taller, trimmer.

I'm frustrated by my pear shape — if jeans are roomy enough for my hips, the waist is too big" Before: Too tight, too tapered — and tucked into chunky, clunky boots


Both the body-friendly fit and the finish of these tailored denim trousers ($132, Cj by Cookie Johnson) cater to Aimee's curves: The contoured cut (it's higher in back) won't gape at the waist, and the wider leg balances her hips. Bonus: The tone-on-tone stitching creates a long, lean line.

Flat Butt: Before

"My behind is as flat as a board! I want a cute booty"
Before: High-waisted mistake — saggy, baggy, and barely even blue.


Trim and tush-flaunting, these indigo jeans ($70, Gap) boost Carol's booty with strategically placed pockets — they sit a little higher than normal, so her rear seems rounder. Also bringing up the rear: a double row of decorative, rump-plumping stitching on the back pockets.

Wide Hips: Before

"I end up with low-slung styles to fit my hips — and I'm sick of flashing cheek cleavage"
Before: Frumpy, faded, and fighting her flirty figure


Thanks to their arrow-straight shape, these crisp classics ($54, Lee) skim Rachel's curves. Subtly whittled and higher at the waist, they won't bare her backside.

Thick Thighs: Before

"I'm always battling my thick thighs. Any jeans that are fuller in the leg?"
Before: Sausage-casing snug, with lots of unsightly creasing at the crotch.


Constructed for curve management, these stretchy flaw-fixers ($120, NYDJ) accommodate Alex's extra inches. Adding to the slenderizing effect: the deep, dark rinse.

More at ;  http://shopping.yahoo.com/articles/yshoppingarticles/787/the-best-jeans-for-your-body-type/

There, this is entirely I needed to start my ultimate search for best jeans ever!! 

( Uver- over kaau ko maka-react murag naka daog sweeptakes!! basta way buotay  og trip!! weeeehhhh).

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kung Hei Fat Choi with my Loveones....

I was with my dear family last night for a sweet and casual night snack @ the noodle house in Olympia Mall, It's been awhile since, I get so addicted with this resto, I simply adore their hot bun coz it tasted just like  our own sweet version of  Filipino Asado Siopao,  and right after the lovely snack, we also dropped by to nearby Carribou CafĂ© for a sip of warm coffee latte ,  it was indeed a pleasant and wonderful night shared with people close to my heart…

Celebrating a night before chineses NEW YEAR!!!

Kung Hei Fat Choi Everyone!!!!

Much Love,


Wisemummy: Pick of the Day!

Another lazy day passed… I actually let the days passed without an entry here, my kids are not so well due to the weather change,  it’s  terribly cold in and out of the house, heater is not working so we have to hug and play around with fury blankets to quench the colds away…

Anyway, cold weather doesn’t mean we have to stop doing our usual routine, here’s my pick of the day…

Clear Shampoo and Cream silk conditioner…

Best  cure for bad Hair day!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My First "OFFICIAL" Encounter!

It was before graduating from college when I formally used my gift, On one occasion, I was in my friend’s house along with my research group to do our final report,  the place is 2 hours travel from the city and you have to ride a big cab to take you up the hill with a huge pack and hump of muss all over the street … it’s actually a subdivision in the middle of a clean jungle to think it could be a best near nature experience!!

Upon arrival, we had our lovely dinner and started to do our individual share of the task, the midnight strike I felt the need to take a nap, I decided to take the room since, everyone still wide awake in the living room, alone in a quite dark room, I position myself in a single bed my feet facing the rear of the door…..  A few minutes later, I felt something cold and heavy breeze of air gently caressing my feet, I have a little visibility coz of the darkness but my senses is rather strong to feel and know that something is going on… my heart is pumping fast and I started to feel the goose bumps, I was scared but I was able to reach out for the switch the turn on the light… and HOOLLAH!! There goes a kid in front of me,  a bald kid with a big head, looking so sad and innocent, his eyes are a white as paper looking straight into my direction, I was scream and crying … he vanished like smoke right before everyone hears my scream and ran inside the room.,….

My friend who is the owner of the house asked me and I told him what I saw, he was silent for a while but eventually told us his hidden story, he was shocked that I was able to describe the attributes of his long decease brother, even the clothes he wore during the funeral and how big his head when he died because of meningitis….

At that very moment, I was able to tell my friends what I am capable of doing, I can see people from the other side of the world, I thought it’s crazy but I never had that moment where everyone started to be interested with my gift…, at night, when we are about to vacate the place, I even saw an old man ridding with us in the cab, he was mad and been transferring from one seat to another, I pretended to not feel his presence as I know that when WE SEE THEM THEY CAN SEE and FEEL US…. 

We arrived at the nearby terminal safely, I’ve asked the cab driver if he feel something while going into the middle of the hill, the driver just looked at me and said; ‘I do have a lot of experience but I have to let it go because that’s my job and it is where I fed my family,  but looking at you I know you have that ability to see them it’s gift and hope you will used it well….
And that’s where I started to be more open with my ability and destruct myself from floating into the thing, it disturb me and it destroy me deep within….. I’m always scared..!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wisemummy: Dark confession!

It’s been awhile, anyway, I ought to believe that everyone has it’s dark, here’s a bit of my confession on the side I want to shed light and eventually let go of the gift it was given to me…
Everything started when I was a kid, back then, I did not realized that I have this given ability to tell what’s going to happen and see thing beyond normal, I thought it’s normal and I never had that moment to tell granny not even my mom since, she’s far away from me...  I live a normal life not taking a seat back with things I see and knew…

As years goes by, I eventually had that fear deep within, I started to understand the ability and see the other side  of they called” the normal limit”,  it’s strange, I felt the negativity and the very strong vibe…  my friends sometimes took the advantage of bringing me else where to find how hunted a place or a house, I see so many creatures and look at them in a way I look at normal people…, my life started to change ..
I will tell more of it, in my next journal, I just hope you will not label me as crazy and someone with a mental problem...Please Don’t... I never want this, it’s just happen!!!!
but just a brief, here is what i define the situation:

The third eye (also known as the inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept referring in part to the ajna (brow) chakra in certain eastern spiritual traditions. It is also spoken of as the gate that leads within to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. Among Christian mystics, the term is used in a broad sense to indicate a non-dualistic perspective. In New Age spirituality, the third eye may alternately symbolize a state of enlightenment or the evocation of mental images having deeply personal spiritual or psychological significance. The third eye is often associated with visions, clairvoyance (which includes the ability to observe chakras and auras),[1] precognition, and out-of-body experiences. People who have allegedly developed the capacity to utilize their third eyes are sometimes known as seers.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Green Shitty DAY!!!

Such a day!!...

I was in a very high spirit today @ the office doing all my usual task, upon hearing the excitement of my office buddy taking a good snaps of herself with background of our company’s silos and vehicle using also one of our officemate’s i-phone,  so, when it’s time for us to upload the photo’s in the PC we are so shock as in super duper shock to see lots of “GREEN” explicit video and photos on his phone!!

I even saw a glimpse of him “DOING” it with a bad lady!! Gossssshhhh, I cannot go further as my nerves is starting to brandish and my blood is going higher and higher, with the things I saw, I out myself  in the scene, ran down to the nearest toilet for a vomit and air, the old toilet  was temporarily OUT of order so I have no choice but to use the common toilet in our building,  while I was in a hurry getting myself inside, a very FOUL to severe smell run into my nose that makes me sick to the highest level. Somebody is shitting inside and the ventilation is very poor that a small opening of the door with gives you that FREAKING shitty smell!!!!  I vomit right then and there, had that terrible headache and go apologize to the office boy for doing so!!

Now, I’m starting to be better gasping a clean air to wash the terrible air away!! ….    
Such a terrible day!! And I cannot eat my lunch and might go beyond breakfast the next day coz it’s TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!!!!!!.....

Wisemummy SPEAK!!

          Photo Courtesy of: http://delik.info/update-chinese-new-year-2012-flash.html#


I’m finally back on my track, it’s a bit busy tiring months and my lifestyle wonderfully changed in all aspect, I strongly believe that we once experience the lowest point in our lives if we are strong enough to hold on and continue the journey in the right path things will turn out to be wonderful at the end of the hard times and this is where I am right now, happy with all the blessings in life!!

God is so great that HE never fails to carry me at the midst of my journey, I may sometimes misinterpret HIS plan but with all the confusions and pain, I do get what I deserve and what He plans is always right for me!

So, Now…. I’ve been away for so long, I never had the moment to run my fingers on my keyboard and share with you my every good and sad moments , I do apologize for that ( this is funny!! I have this “THOUGHT” I’m popular hahahahah… but I’m not!!!)   anyway, just a few lines, to say, I’m doing great and cheers to everyone for this NEW YEAR and hope we all have a wonderful year ahead with so many things going up and down!! Allow me as well to greet all of you a MERRY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope mayan calendar is wrong I’m not ready for THE END of the WORLD but somehow, keeping my faith to the glory of GOD!!!

Will write more in the days to come!!!