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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Windows of Personality

I was in my  final years in high school when I got introduced to this 4 windows of personality,  I attentively listen to the speaker as he explained each of the personality, Indeed, it became sort of  my “GUIDE” be modest and sensitive on my actions and others,

Here’s an illustration of what I am referring,

it is called JOHARI windows of personality, I know many of my readers already knew about this but for the benefits of those who are new, it is like discovering “YOU” what you know about yourself,  what other’s know about you, what other’s know about you that you don’t know and what you will discover about yourself...

 In a way, it helps me to analyze and observe one’s action and response in a certain situation, this is not also to say that I’m an expert but I used such tool to learneand discover more about myself and others..

There are few personalities by which I observed common to some “MODERN” people, it sometimes irritate me but most of the time I pitied them, 

1. The Wrong Achiever

These are the type of people who yearn to achieve certain status not to satisfy themselves but others, they worked hard to satisfy one's happiness,  it’s very hard to intervene with this kind of people simply because they do not know that they already trap in the situation but they continue to work without question just to please somebody...

Wisemummy shout! :  it’s a good attitude to help and achieve but  you should ask yourself, till when??  Is it worth it??

2. The Social Climber

Well, it’s literal!!...  these people likes anything expensive, luxury and anything that defines glamour regardless of their actual status in society, they work hard to earn that glamour status, they seek attention to cover their unwanted reality, they love fame, they love people to envy them, they live up to the high level society even if it takes a months of  eating only a tomato on their breakfast,lunch and dinner just to buy the latest gad… 

Wisemummy Shout!: I can only pray  for those who cannot see what really is the real happiness!! Richness does not define by expensive clothes nor latest gadgets.. it is by one’s satisfaction to life in long term basis….

3. The Stabbers

I have been friends with the stabbers before and I should say, it’s like a disease you’ll never know it’s already in you when you are with them, these people usually overjoyed by gossiping and judging other people, there whole life centered to what they hear and what they see, it can even lead to damage one's reputation and dignity… yet sometimes I noticed myself commenting bad things about others and I have no resistance when I am with them..

Wisemummy Shout!: yeah yeah…. Gossiping is addiction, you get to hear and speak about people either good or bad…! Betta stop it before you are the center of the gossip…!

4. The Over and wrong Confidence

Parents’s ok to praise your kids but with honestly and love, I have met people who are oooooooooooozing with so much confidence,  I thought it is something he/she adapted from his collegues or friends but  as I knew them well and deep, I discover that, it comes from  their parents, PARENTS who praises their kids exaggeratedly,  that KIDS as they grew up they  install such kind of  wrong confidence in all aspect of their lives, they say, I’m very good with this and I’m basically an expert with that but they really don’t have that talent but they see themselves as great, and they don’t accept failures and wrong!!

Wisemummy Shout!: you love your kids right??! Then love them real, let them experience the reality of life, don’t feed them the wrong confidence for they will live alone in the world the evolves failures and acceptance
The thing is, we all have this blind side in our windows of personality, we don’t know but others clearly see it in us,  it sometimes hard to accept, we can always ignore what others is telling us or we can observe it quietly and slowly get into the process of change,

Change is the only constant in this world, I’m not in the right position to say that what I see in you is wrong, for we all have our sets of expectations and personalities, my point is,  if we truly love ourselves then get to know “YOU” than overlook what is over or missing in you,  to appreciate the real beauty and richness of life, it always start in YOU and how you prepare yourself and your family  in the future with the best and proper self-equipment you can install...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Wisemummy SPEAK!!

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I’m finally back on my track, it’s a bit busy tiring months and my lifestyle wonderfully changed in all aspect, I strongly believe that we once experience the lowest point in our lives if we are strong enough to hold on and continue the journey in the right path things will turn out to be wonderful at the end of the hard times and this is where I am right now, happy with all the blessings in life!!

God is so great that HE never fails to carry me at the midst of my journey, I may sometimes misinterpret HIS plan but with all the confusions and pain, I do get what I deserve and what He plans is always right for me!

So, Now…. I’ve been away for so long, I never had the moment to run my fingers on my keyboard and share with you my every good and sad moments , I do apologize for that ( this is funny!! I have this “THOUGHT” I’m popular hahahahah… but I’m not!!!)   anyway, just a few lines, to say, I’m doing great and cheers to everyone for this NEW YEAR and hope we all have a wonderful year ahead with so many things going up and down!! Allow me as well to greet all of you a MERRY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope mayan calendar is wrong I’m not ready for THE END of the WORLD but somehow, keeping my faith to the glory of GOD!!!

Will write more in the days to come!!!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


September 2011,  it’s a bit frustrating and overwhelming  ….. so many things happen this month and all I can share is the memory I will keep for the rest of my LIFE…

September starts with a celebration of EID were every muslim friends and family gathered to celebrate, a long holiday and a time to rest.....  we have a few late night outs but have to spend my last cash wisely as my husband salary is yet to come,  
weeks later,  I was right to have kept my money safe…. 
I don’t have to elaborate my rant against my husband’s company,  it is their decision not to prioritized their employees needs, almost 2 months of no salary I have to cover everything and this is what I fear but still happy to have a wonderful and stable job….

2nd week of September is just a panic atttack we almost run out of anything, I MEAN everything at home….. and the worst is that,  I cannot withdraw money from my bank due to some service reason and end up asking few friends & family a favor…..

3rd week, this includes my sad birthday, I celebrated my tears and joy with my FB friends, I stayed on line for the rest of the day… my mom donated good dinner and drinks for the family to share, end up starving for pizza and cheese cake, hopelessly waiting for the night to end and hoping for a wonderful day tomorrow…… soo sad that all I can do is to cry till I close my eyes to sleep

And this few days,  the final week of this month the hardest of all,   it was never my intention to get in-touch with the person I always want to forget, somehow,  in everyone’s journey, there will be a point in time that we have to face our past in order to laid down the heavy bagage we’ve been bringing for so long….. I met my father “my real father” in facebook,  I’m surprise to see him there , I was not prepared to step into the moment, we have a few exchange of mails and it was so long before I response to his plea of forgiveness ,  yes,, I finally forgiven him and felt so free, I guess, this is what GOD wants me to experience, a sad physical birthday but  freedom from pain, I could not ask for more……

In the end, I decided not to go further with what me and my dad has right now, im not ready and  I never thought of it…… it’s amazing how simple things we thought just a mare hobby or a plain social network site but it makes different when experiences like this happened

Trully, everything happens for a reason in perfect time and place, I’m now, putting every sinlge event into the pocket of my experience, a learning process, a memory that once in my life I found the inner freedom  and forgiveness!!, 

Thank you LORD for keeping me strong and healthy ….. I become wiser and faithful to GOD...keep myself ready for whatever life has to offer…

keeping the faith---->WISEMUMMY SCEAM!!

Friday, July 1, 2011


I’m a bit busy last night, I mean exhaustedly damn BUSY!! If only, we can be at 2-3 places in one time then it would be a blast, from the morning till night me & my family  been running here & there for special events : wedding, baptismal and birthdays....
But throughout the day the experience is really intense and great! (Not to mention the massive dust and almost limited visibility due to the sand storm)  It’s like having a toothache everything seems so painful but a dose of pain-reliever takes all the pain in a snap then suddenly you feel a relief of heaven and you continue with your day!

As much I wanted to talk more about it,  I have to run again for another hectic sched, so I just drop by and leave you with few photos that captured my eyes from yesterday’s happenings :

Truly blessed to be in a place that brings out the youthful memories bounded by creative minds & great people.

Above pictures was taken from the flat we visited in hawally owned by a wonderful and lovely couple  Maam Jhit & Sir Rolly, the whole place was surrounded with a cool variety of toys collections by which Sir Rolly been collecting for years , , Whheeewww!!  needless to say that, the quality and packaging are well maintained just like new!!,  but above all, the place is wonderful, the host is great.. what can I say...! it's blended with L.O.V.E and perfection!


 the Catholic Church in kuwait city, for a very special events : Wedding & Baptismal (Mr. & Mrs Leo Lagaras & their son Li Mateo) - but due to the change of place where the baptismal ceremony is to be held, we came just about the baptismal rites end... so sad I was not able to attend the baptismal on its midst but happy to see the couple on the aile of  their Wedding!! 

                              " Love is a many splendid thing. Love lifts us up where we belong "
                    Congrats to the couple and to their very cute kid LI...!!

And Finally, a fast run to 360mall cinescape for TRANSFORMER- Dark of the Moon 3D Movie - I can say, it is easily the best of the series - a spectacular, action packed, 3D summer extravaganza and with this film I see that we’ve been given one more gem of an example of why 3D can be almost magical when used by proper craftsman

(photo from q8 blackmarket)

       birthday treat from our superb and generous (lolsss) friends
                              Jobel & Tin-Tin......  
                                   (Thanks Guys!!  so love the movie !)

                                                                            (photo from tin's FB account)

                 " Perfect mixture of bliss ,a beautiful creation match made from heaven…"

TRULLY  a Overwhelming/Splendid/wonderful experience and my kids really enjoy every single place and Occasion!! so till next time.....!

by the way, I'm all set to get my ingredients for my DIY challenge this week!! so I'll be posting the result later or maybe tomorrow..!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

About Wisemummy81

Wisemummy81 is a personal blog that tackles more on  personal experience, creative ideas and many more, this blog started back in 2011, I was a struggling mother, employee and a writer

" I never imagine that I will truly enjoy blogging due to my busy schedule 

But through the years this page has become my comfort zone, where I can freely express my thoughts, feelings and the things that I found interesting, ........."

What I do Best:

 1.) I am a Mother and a Wife
-         2.)  I Blog
-         3.)  Blog Designs

-       4.)    I am handling International Procurement  &
                    Trading/Shipping Process
                             ( For the Companies and Small Business)

-        5.)   Mystery Shopping currently connected to known international companies

-         6.)  Event Management

-          7.) Kid’s in-house Tutorials  creating a customized worksheet based on the actual syllabus

        8.)   On-line entrepreneur

      9.)   Creative art work and personalized souvenirs for different occasions

I never limit myself with what I know, I always find new things to learn and never fear challenge…