Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Alien Invasion....

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Been married to alien addict, I mean, hubby likes to watch alien movies,  anything that has invasion of alien, history of alien as long as there is alien rest assure that he will find ways to get to it!! But I thank God our kids are normal not even a single drop of alien in all aspect bwahahaha…… ok so moving on….

I found these wonderful collection of alien invasion stuff, as much as I would want to buy all for hubby I still have the correct mind to mark a stop into that alien fantasy heheheh, so check this out, I’m sure you’ll find it cute as well… don’t cha??

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Cruel to be Kind…

When I was in college, I always heard this line from one of my fave teacher, I’m not going to mentioned his name as I know I have followers from my college buddies and it will damage my name bwahahahaha… kidding!!! Well, perhaps, no one really understand the style of teaching and discipline because he is indeed cruel but for one, such kind of approach had thought me to be always prepared and be good in everything I do, he was like the Simon Cowell of our school, he do not hesitate to speak his mind even if it hurt you down to your bones….. 

So going back to the topic, I never understood why he keeps on saying “SOMETIMES WE HAVE TO BE CRUEL TO BE KIND” every end of his class but now, I really do!! 

I’ve been working my whole life after graduation been into different companies but one thing is common in my experience is the “ABUSE of Goodness” …yep!! We all have that goodness in our heart as we are all created equal with emotions and we also have that tendency to abuse others especially when you feel they’re very nice ( ahem….!!! Have you???) , 

I once, had an officemate who is newly hired in the company and at that moment, I feel that I have to extend my help to her since, we both are in the same country and I’ve been in the same situation when I was just starting in the company, so I offer to drive her home and from then is history.

I’ve offer her once and it continue to every day and whenever she wants and eventually, asked me to take her as well in the morning to come to work for the reason she could not find any transportation,(by the way, the company is giving her  allowance to pay for the transportation) at first I feel it’s ok to help because she needed that but sooner than I thought, I’ve been abused, I was in denial, telling myself it’s ok but in my heart I’m in total disbelief wanting her to just vanish!!! I do not have that courage to tell her that I’m not comfortable with the situation (I know, I’m pathetic!!!)  

Until one day, while giving her a ride home she started story telling about her family and her kids and end up asking me a favor to barrow some cash…. (Can you believe it??!) , she was just 1 month in the company, having a free ride and now, she wanted to barrow money???!  At that moment, the only lines I can remember is “ SOMETIMES you have to be cruel to be KIND”, it gives me the strength to just let go of my emotions and immediately say NO to her and honestly, it feels really really really good!!!  

For the first time in my life, I feel free and not obligated to always be good to others, I’m not saying we have to be literally cruel but find that balance and learn to say NO when it is needed, BE CRUEL TO BE KIND!!  And guess, what happen to me and my officemate, we become normal officemates with no commitment, hi and hello is enough and I can deal with that all my life!!! Period!! 

Being nice is a commitment to stay the same, it’s a process of long patience and believing in one solid golden rule: “Don’t do unto others, what others don’t want to do unto you” but always always always find that balance in your heart and in your mind, learn to say NO when it is needed…