Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Equestrian Local Competition

Kuwait equestrian season finally open!! Check out local competition schedules thru   

If you haven’t witness any horse event in Kuwait, then, this is your chance to attend, no entrance fee just go and enjoy !!

Movie: A Taxi Driver (Korean Movie)

The hardest part of watching foreign movies is to read the subtitles but you know, that’s one thing that excites me the most, “Multitasking” getting into the emotions and comprehend the subtitles. heheheheh , this movie took the best two hours of my day without a blink, I truly believe that things happen for a reason, our very existence was already plan before us and that we can’t escape destiny and the people we meet along the way.

This movie proves me two things: that some people comes into our lives for a reason,  we subconsciously open ourselves to become part of them even for a moment in time and that's all we need to have that connection for a lifetime and a father’s love is unconditional, he’ll do everything for the people he truly cares  even risking his life.

I was very moved watching the movie, I don't usually cry but I give in eventually, I could have wish a better ending but it is what it is, it’s based on a true story set in 1980, a down-on-his-luck taxi driver from Seoul is hired by a foreign journalist who wants to go to the town of Gwangju for the day. 
Rest in peace Mr. journalist, you’ll meet him again in paradise someday!!