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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Creative Ideas: Zipper Bracelet

Less is more and colors never fails to make my day right…

Eco-friendly, simple but great day accessories available at the comfort of your home!! Be Eco-Fabulous and creatively stylish!!

Photo: J-Nicole Fashion Storm Store

Photo: J-Nicole Fashion Storm Store

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chilly Beans

I was in the mall last night with my beloved for a stroll and some little shopping; we needed a space to quench the sadness and boredom, when you lose someone it’s not easy to let go specially when you’re far away,  anyway, moving on….
A familiar sales person captured our attention, well…. He’s a friend of hubby and that’s where it started… the next thing I knew I was grabbing a handful of CHILLY BEANS cool shades (a Product & Design from Bazil), I love every design and the price is just superb…

 The best thing is that, prior to the purchase they will test the product infront of you using the suitable equipment and explain every specs,  the protection it can give to our precious eyes…..

Oh by the way, they offered exchange warranty  for every purchase of limited classic edition, just in case you feel it doesn’t suit you after days of using, they’ll  be happy to accept the old glasses and exchange it to a new ones without paying additional charges…!  Love love love!!!!
Visit Chilly Beans Branches  @ Marina Mall & 360 Malls in Kuwait

Monday, March 18, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Galaxy Fashion...

Well, what can I say!!!  I love to search/explore/discover anything even in the deepest sea or high above the surface….

So I’m bringing the whole universe and the galaxy down in the name of fashion….

 **sighhhhh**   definitely whenever I see someone wearing one of these, I won’t stop staring as I know how great the confidence inside to wear the statement….  

Photo Source: Panda Clothing Co. LTD

Source: Panda Clothing Co. LTD

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Shopping for halloween Costumes!!

It’s Halloween and you know exactly my struggle when this day comes…!  I have to find a Perfect Halloween costume for my kids as require by school and all other halloween party invites

My brother-in law who is known to be the map of Kuwait, he knows every single discount and sale store wherever it may be!!!!  He drags us to waleed toys & gifts co. located in Shuwaihk area,

The place is quite big for a toy & gift  shop but everything we need from top to bottom are available without a sweat !!!... prices are reasonable and negotiable

One good store for moms like me who want to give the best costume for my kids but on the budget!!  Love it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gearing up my Fantasy!!

Last week, me and my partner in crime ( best buds) decided to wear this so called “ COVERALL”, actually, I fantasized  wearing it for several years now  and it was only last week , I finally have that reality of my fantasy….! ( mababaw! kababawan sa kabaw!!)

Well of course,  gearing up is quite exhausting and heavy but after 30minutes of  going into the details of exerting the suit into my body, I finally wore it with sweat and smile…!

This is how I look with a cover-all fully equipped with all the safety gears and shoes:

So All thru out the day, I was in high mode, taking pictures with everyone in almost all corners of the company… here’s the snaps of  my craziness along with my colleagues and boss ( yes I know!! he's crazy too.. he's the exact opposite of terrible BOSS!!!)

I simply love my look that day that I just want to go home with the suit on….

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wisemummy: Creativity!

Me and My fellow business partner loves joining bazaar we've been active participant in local bazaar since 2009 but recently had stopped due to work commitment,  most of our products are personal choice or rather handmade, that's why we called our homebiz " HANDMADE TREASURE", I'm not gonna take you long, but I just want to share one of my creation that sold 100pcs in one time exhibit...(pretty creative hah!)