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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Creative Ideas: Zipper Bracelet

Less is more and colors never fails to make my day right…

Eco-friendly, simple but great day accessories available at the comfort of your home!! Be Eco-Fabulous and creatively stylish!!

Photo: J-Nicole Fashion Storm Store

Photo: J-Nicole Fashion Storm Store

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cool insect repellant...

Do I hear it right???! This might be one of the answer to the never ending DENGUE disease in country, I think, this product as presented is cool and interesting ,

The best thing about it:

can be use for indoor and outdoor activities with no hazard

Product details:

Perfect for Adults and Children

Estimated Price: 1 usd/each

 Will fit on wrist or ankle with circumference of up to 25cm
 These are designed for human protection against disease carrying mosquitoes.
 It can be used on the Wrist, or Ankle, or through a Belt Loop, or Bag Strap
 Active Ingredient: Citronella Essential Oil

•Effective for up to 240 hrs when keep good in sealable pouch.
•Ingredients: 100% natural citronella essential oil, 70% ultra micro fiber.

-         How long does it last?

240 hrs with proper care