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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The hi-tech bra that helps you beat breast cancer and other clothes that can treat or prevent illness

Sun savvy: The Netatmo June bracelet has a sensor that measures UV light

This was the year we’d be wearing shoes that tied their own laces — or so the Back To The Future films predicted in the Eighties.
While this may seem as fanciful now as it did then, 2015 does looks set to be the year of so-called ‘wearable technology’, clothing and accessories that could transform not only our wardrobes, but our health, too.

Until now, wearable technology has largely taken the form of wristband trackers — such as the Fitbit (launched in 2008), 2011’s Jawbone and the much-hyped Apple Watch, due to go on sale on April 24.

But now, manufacturers are developing everyday items of clothing and shoes that can monitor our vital signs, and even treat serious conditions. The latest innovations include a bra that could deliver life-saving breast cancer medication and socks that warn if you’re at risk of injury.
Even big brands are moving into the market — this year, the U.S. designer Ralph Lauren will launch a sports top that monitors heart rate, muscle movement and calories burnt.
‘So far, wearable technology in the context of well-being has been mainly about monitoring personal data,’ says Caroline Till, course leader in Material Futures at Central St Martins, University of the Arts London. ‘The question now is what do you do with the data once you have it? Is the information of value?’

This is where the latest technology comes in, with the focus on giving you feedback from the information collated. So in theory, ‘wearables’, as they’re known, will not only take your blood pressure reading, they’ll tell you if it’s dangerously high. ‘The holy grail of wearable technology is something that’s integrated seamlessly into something you wear or use already, so you don’t notice it’s there,’ says Caroline Till.

This is now closer to being a reality because circuitry can be made small and light enough to be embedded in clothing. Another material technology, known as micro-encapsulation, allows tiny ‘nano’ particles of a substance — for instance, a drug — to be embedded into a material so it is gradually absorbed through the skin when worn.

Here, we look at the latest ‘wearables’— some of which are already available, with others still being developed — that could transform our health . . 
Hi-tech: A bra contains technology which allows tiny ‘nano’ particles of a substance - for instance, a drug - to be embedded into a material


The Foxleaf bra contains micro-encapsulated ‘bubbles’ of the drug Tamoxifen in soft, plastic inserts in the cups.
The idea is that the body’s heat and moisture rub off the bubbles’ coating and the Tamoxifen, which blocks oestrogen to slow the growth of cancer cells, can be gradually absorbed through the skin throughout the day.

The Omsignal top has sensors woven into the fabric in the chest to monitor heart rate and breathing

NASA scientist Dr Wayne B Hayes has invented the Cold Shoulder vest, which he says boosts your body’s ability to burn calories.
The vest, which can be kept in the freezer, has pockets for ice packs around the back and shoulders. The idea is that by wearing the vest your body has to burn more calories to stay warm — as much as an extra 500 calories a day, says Dr Hayes.
From around £90 ($139.99) from


Omsignal, the company working with Ralph Lauren to create a tech sports shirt, has a top already on sale that has sensors woven into the fabric in the chest to monitor heart rate and breathing. The sensors can also monitor the electrical activity of the heart.
Fibres feed this information to a ‘black box’ — about the size of a credit card — attached to the shirt. The box sends the information to your mobile, with alerts from your phone telling you to breathe more, slow down or speed up.
The heart and breathing rate data is also used to estimate how many calories you’re burning — thought to be much more accurate than standard fitness tracking wristbands which make calculations based on how much you’re moving. At the moment the garment has only been designed for men. A version for women is in development.
Around £160 from


It’s a wrap-dress, but not as you know it — maternity dresses designed by Blake Uretsky, a fashion student at Cornell University in the U.S., contain conductive silver fibres under the bust to monitor a pregnant woman’s heart rate, breathing, blood pressure and temperature, along with a device worn on the belt that can then communicate with a smartphone.
The dress can then alert a mother-to-be if her readings suggest she might be over doing it — or not being active enough.
Some research has suggested that women who are more active during pregnancy have fewer complications during both gestation and labour.


Sensoria’s smart running socks monitor the way your feet strike the ground, warning you if you are at risk of injury and also how to correct your stride. ‘Flaws in your gait are a common cause of injury,’ says physiotherapist Sammy Margo.

The Sensoria socks detect how your foot lands, and conductive fibres then relay this information to a small clip-on device on the ankle. This sends information to your phone, which can issue real-time audio warnings and advice if needs be.
From around £130 ($199),

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A healthy wonderful presentation

Sometimes it takes a colorful and creative presentation for us to spare an attention and read, I have gathered several wall posts from my facebook friends, I feel that it is important and would educate us on health issues….

 This is also to say THANK YOU for the people behind such informative and wonderful post....  I love it!!  

(Photos from FB account: Doctors & Hospital)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Aloe Vera Drink--- Refershingly Healthy

Last night while in the midst of thirst, wanting to sip anything refreshing

I  found a bit weird but yummy, healthy & refreshingly great drink

One good product to try!!!

Available at:

Al-Ashmar store in Kuwait city, price @0.350fils/ bottle

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stem Cell Enhancer.....

Now a days, people are so addicted with anything instant from food, technology, health and wealth, everything seems to be in a fast chain that sometimes I forgot it’s already weekend have to take time to seat and enjoy the time in slow process, people are so keen on how to be rich and forget about their health,

 Last month, I attended a seminar about health & alternatives, I eventually, introduced to a networking business and a product

Well; imagine my reaction when the speaker openly said that such seminar is not only a plain health seminar but also an introduction to a networking business…

Hmmmm???..!   I was deceived that was my first thinking but I did not react, I continue to listen and this what I have gathered from the seminar:

 if you are familiar with STEM Cell therapy/treatment,  it is a breakthrough that potentially  changed the face of human disease and sooth sufferings , the problem is that ,it cost a fortune to get a shot!!  

So a specialized company in USA had venture into study and end up with a HAPPY PILL or LAMININE- a stem cell enhancer that promotes balance and enhancement in our body ( I don’t want to flood more explanation, I’m not here to promote but just to write my learning and experience)

Anyway, to cut it short… I did try the product and I swear!! I never felt such greatness inside my body when I tried it , I feel happy, less moody, no headache and I'm refreshingly active in 2 weeks of taking the supplement, truly : Don't jusdge the book by its cover, because that what happen to me, I judge before I listen and now I can never be happy and healthy if I turn my back because hearing about MLM  makes me wanna rush home

Anyhow,  this is not to advertise nor recruit anyone, I did not even sign up to be member but just a plain user with an experience of a good product..

Here's  more about Laminine:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wisemummy: PicK of the DAY!

I'm a fan of Chinese health products and Japenese Invention, it's overwhelming to see and be in a place sorrounded by the things that makes me happy, 

It is located in City Center-Salmiya, the STORE is  full of Japanese stuff  from household items , cosmetics and more.... !

ok, let go back to the topic.....

Here's my pick of the day :

I used it last night, I should say:  It's not an easy sleep but not terrible either ,  maybe Im not comfy having something glued on my sole , the feeling is bit tight,sticky and spicy cold! but it's all worth it!
the next morning I was really surprised with the ewwwww! revelation ,  a feeling of nausea when I saw the dirt & grease after I removed the patch, I'll definitely  do the "PATCH" every other day,  GOODNESS!!

you should try...! afterall, it's all for health sake....