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Monday, December 17, 2012

Creative Ideas: The Corporate Gifts

With much observation, Corporate gifts from different companies is something I Looked forward every end of the year, ohhh I know what your're thinking!!... its not the gift of cash or anything expenssive no no no!!.... I'm only referring to an item or a small gifts sort of company giveaways

Corporate Gifts may be just a token for many but I, by all means looked at it in different way,  it  defines the image of the company, it’s like looking at a perfect beauty of a lady with an ugly dirty toes, a small part of the asset but it gives an impact...that’s how I see it….!

Corporate gifts can have a lot of benefits for a business not only as a way to grow the relationship but also for promoting the company image

So without any further nags and blah, I give you my suggestions of unique and perfect giveaways

Extraputt: all the listed products can be on OEM basis as per your given logo/design

Bottled Umbrella

Portable Desk Vacuum/Cleaner

Nude Calculator

Keyboard design mugs/bowl set

Memo Pad

Table top Charging Station

USB Vacuum Cleaner

Personalized, Useful and creative gifts will always leave a good impression

So the next time you think of a perfect corporate gifts,  consider the above and you will soon find out how much more impressive a simple gift can be for yourself and the company

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bored and Creativity...!

When everything seems lonely and peaceful, I always have that creative feeling I have to do something colorful, for me, doing something artistic takes my boredom away, and this is exactly what happen when I have a colorful markers, pencil and recycled papers in front of me in one fine, lazy & freaking bored day in the office….  

It is my reliever of stress and secret tactic to lessen my boredom !!  Art makes me happy!!..

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY- Colorful Name Tags

Creating a colorful name tag is one of my specialty,

it's simple, creative and mainly you can use recyle materials

so here goes…

Things you need:

Colored papers ( recycled one will do)
Colorful markers


Begin by printing your name in any colored paper, should be bold depending on how big you want your tag,  (computer printed or self design is fine)

Then, cut the name with an adjustment of at least half inch on the edges

Then glue in on another colored paper,

Cut it again leaving a small edge of the colored paper 

lastly,  you can enchance the color by using the markers  color the lines and every edge of the tag......