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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fashion & Style: THE JEANS

Jeans comes in different style and shape, it does not suit to anyone but it does gives you comfort… Whether you stick to skinnies or practically live in baggy boyfriends, there’s no shame in wearing your favorite pair of jeans again and again

I love JEANS!!! Some people say, we can wear jean with anything while such statement is true in many aspects, but in respect to so called “fashion” JEANS should be worn properly with class and style, regardless of its price and brand…  

My simple tips are the following:

1.)    Know your shape
2.)   Don’t try so hard to copy the trend
3.)   Accept your flaws
4.)   Get Comfy & Feel Sexy

Yes! Simple as that, sometimes we tends to forget what’s good in us because we see ourselves in others, the key is, wear clothes that makes you feel confident and comfy, add colors and accept that we are not perfect we have our physical flaws and we cannot cover it with pricey clothing, so going back to our topic, WEAR JEANS that suits to your shape, size and of course, appropriate to your age and style.

And with that, I’ll leave you with the trends of JEANS for 2016….  Pick your Match!! 

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Creative Ideas: Handy 3D pen

I remember posting about 3d printer where everything comes in perfect features yet the price is quite high and the size cannot be considered as handy however, it does make a difference performing a perfect image of things in 3D

Now, draw everything in your hand with same result, introducing the handy 3d PEN…

A handy device allows the user to effectively draw, making structures that stand as strong and rigid as anything



Photo: 3doodlers

Photo:  fashionteck

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Creative Ideas: Innovative and Modern Wine Wooden Refrigeraor

A small fridge with a fashion sense…. I love every corner of the design!!

SICAO refrigerated wooden Wine Furniture made of original USA red OAK and compressor or thermoelectric, with American Luxury and European Royal classical styled combines’ plentiful storage with a convenient space-saving corner design.

l         Hold wines from 18 bottles to 311 bottles.

l         Quiet compressor cooling system with temperature and humidity control, support 
           you  the best environment and right temperature for storing your fine wines.

l         Three UV glass door and sliding solid wooden racks which is another smart design
          to keep your wines.

l         Mothproof and moisture resistant laminate surface come with classical lock and bar

l         Solid wood racks for glass, corkscrews, utensils, bar cloths etc. is available for some

l         SICAO refrigerated wooden wine cabinet are excellent performers as well as
          fine-looking furniture
Source: Shenzhen Sicao Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Creative Ideas: The Corporate Gifts

With much observation, Corporate gifts from different companies is something I Looked forward every end of the year, ohhh I know what your're thinking!!... its not the gift of cash or anything expenssive no no no!!.... I'm only referring to an item or a small gifts sort of company giveaways

Corporate Gifts may be just a token for many but I, by all means looked at it in different way,  it  defines the image of the company, it’s like looking at a perfect beauty of a lady with an ugly dirty toes, a small part of the asset but it gives an impact...that’s how I see it….!

Corporate gifts can have a lot of benefits for a business not only as a way to grow the relationship but also for promoting the company image

So without any further nags and blah, I give you my suggestions of unique and perfect giveaways

Extraputt: all the listed products can be on OEM basis as per your given logo/design

Bottled Umbrella

Portable Desk Vacuum/Cleaner

Nude Calculator

Keyboard design mugs/bowl set

Memo Pad

Table top Charging Station

USB Vacuum Cleaner

Personalized, Useful and creative gifts will always leave a good impression

So the next time you think of a perfect corporate gifts,  consider the above and you will soon find out how much more impressive a simple gift can be for yourself and the company

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bored and Creativity...!

When everything seems lonely and peaceful, I always have that creative feeling I have to do something colorful, for me, doing something artistic takes my boredom away, and this is exactly what happen when I have a colorful markers, pencil and recycled papers in front of me in one fine, lazy & freaking bored day in the office….  

It is my reliever of stress and secret tactic to lessen my boredom !!  Art makes me happy!!..

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Realistic drawings look like photographs

This is amazing!!  and I wanna share it, here in my page....!
(Mr. Paul Cadden)  truly bless with talent and art....

To an untrained eye these pictures would look nothing more than standard photographs but it's not all black and white - they are in fact hand drawn.

These are the works of 47-year-old hyperrealist artist Paul Cadden, who, often just using a pencil, is able to recreate photos in amazing detail