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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fashion & Style: THE JEANS

Jeans comes in different style and shape, it does not suit to anyone but it does gives you comfort… Whether you stick to skinnies or practically live in baggy boyfriends, there’s no shame in wearing your favorite pair of jeans again and again

I love JEANS!!! Some people say, we can wear jean with anything while such statement is true in many aspects, but in respect to so called “fashion” JEANS should be worn properly with class and style, regardless of its price and brand…  

My simple tips are the following:

1.)    Know your shape
2.)   Don’t try so hard to copy the trend
3.)   Accept your flaws
4.)   Get Comfy & Feel Sexy

Yes! Simple as that, sometimes we tends to forget what’s good in us because we see ourselves in others, the key is, wear clothes that makes you feel confident and comfy, add colors and accept that we are not perfect we have our physical flaws and we cannot cover it with pricey clothing, so going back to our topic, WEAR JEANS that suits to your shape, size and of course, appropriate to your age and style.

And with that, I’ll leave you with the trends of JEANS for 2016….  Pick your Match!! 

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fashion Fave: Denim in Fashion

We often see/define denim as the usual element for pants or trouser… but wait!!
There’s more to dig than wearing denim the usual way…

How about walking in full denim the fashionista way!!..  love it or hate it!! But I certainly want to have it all in my closet…!

Source: New Well Fashion accesory co. ltd
Source:520 Fashion Product

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Source: Discount Gift Mall-Hot China

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