Sunday, October 6, 2013

chew it Right!!

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I was talking with my office pal on chewing issue, actually, I and my office mate are not the typical office buddies that work in silence, we talked about anything and everything whether its nonsense or not surely our conversation would always end up in great conclusion

Now, going back to the topic…

Chewing is something we've learned from the time we had our taste of food, we might not notice it but chewing served as a process to enjoy our food, it can make us fat or thin…

Strange huh ???  Well, I never realized that as well till today…

Now let’s go down to basic, what is chewing?? Chewing is an act of biting or slicing of food in the mouth to make it easier to swallow,


It is very essential for people to eat everyday and every time we eat we chew the food, (yes!! I’m being stupid here!!)  The point is, it is part of our lives to survive the hunger game, the way we chew our food benefits to the structure of our body and the nutrients our body requires

I was raised by my grannies, we don’t have much in life so in every meal my ex-veteran grandpa had taught me “ to chew little to swallow more “ just like his training in the military, because with such process I can eat a lot and fast  without tasting the nasty food, so growing up I have adapted the habit of chewing less to eat more, I have mastered the fast eating habit without noticing my consumption giving me lots of extra fatty storage in my body , only then, I realized that such pattern is really taking me into road of FAT world and it is very hard to break the habit because it is my foundation, my lifestyle and the way I am, it may take me sometime to deal with the changes but I’m trying my best to let my kids understand the importance of it

Chewing is a part of our lifestyle, make it a habit to chew your food properly with minimal sound, it enables us to enjoy our food and be healthy… check your chewing habit and makes the difference…….

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