Sunday, October 27, 2013

Inspiration : when Bitter becomes Better

Been into blogging for many years now, it granted many opportunities for me as a person and a simple individual, I did not blog for fame nor money, I write because I wanted to learn and fulfill my dream and that is to write,

I grew up in a city where English is not the native language, it so often we used English in our day to day conversation, the word” English” is something I was born with an allergy, I’m too shy to talk nor converse using such language, I was na├»ve and yet, I love to hear people talking in English fluently as it greed me deep within…

Growing up was a struggle, I was not the smartest in the class but I always find my way to passed the exam (if you know what I mean)  I remember it so well, one night I can’t find someone to help me with my assignment so I asked my grandmother to help me, the assignment was  picture of things  and I have to write  its name  in English and this is exactly my answers:

The very next day after school, I told grandma, I don’t want to go to school anymore!! It traumatized me to see zero score on my assignment

And that’s where I started to dream and promised myself that I will learn ENGLISH in anyway possible

 So here I am writing my heart out!! I may not be a good writer but at least I've tried and gain your attention because you're here and reading this page

Thank you... 

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