Thursday, May 22, 2014

MY BENTO Project: Fun & Creative Snack for Kids

The biggest challenge of being a mom is preparing a healthy and wonderful lunchboxes for the kids,  I love the idea of combining colors and shape to make the food exciting  and appetizing,

I’ve done much research for my little picky eaters and found bento boxes, 
For weeks, I’ve a been working and applying the basic ideas and the result was just amazing, my kids love it and they always look forward for another day they’ll open their lunchboxes at school, it’s a rewarding feeling knowing that you share your passion and love in little things that matters : happy snack = happy and active kids

Well, expect more of my BENTO PROJECT post as the days goes by, I know this is just the beginning and I am hoping to put things together into more creative , healthy and fun lunchbox for my kids

Here are few of my basic bento  fun snack last week:

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