Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gismo 3d cartoon bags!

Anime or cartoons are fads that can never be out of sight, young people loves it and we all once, a lover of cartoons and character anime' 

So it’s kinda weird and cool at the same time when I got introduced to this new trend, they called it “ “The GISMO 3d Cartoon Bags” 

it’s colorful, stylish and near or far, it definitely looks like the actual cartoons we usually seen in the TV..

The good thing is that, the bag is not made from paper or carton craps, but it’s a combination of nylon and cotton so it’s basically durable and can last long,  its worth the money!

Market price including the freight is KD16.6 or in Peso 2,000/-

Get one yourself and be the first walk in style with this 3d gismo bag!!

Available in various design and colors…!

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