Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 Ways to Prevent Nanny Burnout

I can’t imagine our home without a nanny and please don’t judge me, I’m just a regular mom who wants to help and give a better life for my kids, for sure, every family in Kuwait would testify how hard it is for a working couple to worked without a nanny

Legal nanny in Kuwait is almost impossible, it’s expensive, it’s a risk , it’s a headache , traumatic and most of the time it’s frustrating specially when we end up getting the “WRONG , CRAZY & the BAD ONE"
(you know.....) "it’s hard to explain", but people of same situation will have a clear picture of what I’m telling here..

So thankfully, a good article gives me a better understanding of what it’s like to be in their shoes… it’s a mind opener!

 Read on: 


Sometimes, it is very hard to understand “THEM” when our mindset is far from reality, we want everything to be perfect  and we just don't know where to stand, understand  and what to expect

Nanny plays an important part to my family and I will always be thankful that they are here to sacrifice and help us to live a better life…

Cheers to all the GOOD nannies in the world!!
Most especially to our very own Super DANG!!!

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