Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ching Lung restaurant in Kuwait city

Have you  been to Ching Lung restaurant in Kuwait city??? , well, regardless of the place, location and set-up, I’m one big fan of the resto because of the quality of their food….

Forget about the cozy and lavish set up, this resto defines “FOOD FOR ALL” it is the place where your find cowboy meets alien and dig into the pattern of EAT PRAY and LOVE …  

One busy resto for average people like me!!!

it's jam-packed so we have to stayed outside

see how simple it is.... dig in!!!

I’m not trying to be rude ( with how I plot this post) , I hope I’m not… but I feel that normal people should also have the balance in life,  we do not need to show only the nicest or the most expensive place or stuff, but also the simple things we enjoy!!


The best things in life are free!!!

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