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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fashion Fave: Candy Color Platform Wedge Short Boots

and here goes another fashion fab post....  love love love the colors and the design!!  

 souter clothing company

New shapewear collection offers a '360 degree hug' that is said to eliminate lumps and bumps

If you're planning to slip into a slinky frock for your Christmas party but your gym regime has been neglected, one company thinks it has the answer.

Figgahugga, a new British brand, has unveiled a range of dresses that offer your body a '360 degree hug' and make you look slimmer in the process.

While the new brand is far from being the only shapewear on the market, unlike Spanx, brightly-coloured Figgahuggas are designed to be seen.

As a result, the £49.99 garments only come in vibrant colours, among them neon green, bright pink and electric blue. 

Each dress in the range is constructed with a seamed 'secret support' lining, which works like a corset, helping to shape your figure, define your waist and create a smooth silhouette - all while keeping you cool and dry
The colourful garments, which come in four different sizes, are made from a comfortable mix of nylon and lycra.

Although the cheerful hues might not be to everyone's taste, they do, say the company, double as festival attire thanks to the silicone hem that promises to stop the dress riding up when dancing

Friday, November 8, 2013

Digital Print in Fashion

According to Wikipedia

The greatest difference between digital printing and traditional methods such as lithographyflexographygravure, or letterpress is that there is no need to replace printing plates in digital printing, whereas in analog printing the plates are repeatedly replaced. This results in quicker turnaround time and lower cost when using digital printing, but typically a loss of some fine-image detail by most commercial digital printing processes.
The most popular methods include inkjet or laser printers that deposit pigment or toner onto a wide variety of substrates including paper, photo paper, canvas, glass, metal, marble, and other substances.
In many of the processes, the ink or toner does not permeate the substrate, as does conventional ink, but forms a thin layer on the surface that may be additionally adhered to the substrate by using a fuser fluid with heat process (toner) or UV curing process (ink).

How cool is that??!!  People continue to innovate and  fashion continues to discover colorful trends and real-like print design.

Photos from: google search and aliexpress

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fashion Fave: Ankle Buckle Snap Boots

Winter, spring , summer or fall all you have to do is to be fabulous ,yup !! yup yup..!!! whatever the season might be this boots right here can be your super fashion partner…

I love simply love it!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Winter Fave: Jelly Printed Boots

Summer just ended—but what will that mean for your wardrobe this month? Don’t be afraid to sway your favorite skirts and dresses with a colorful boots

Here’s one winter fave surely lift your fashion belief….