Sunday, March 19, 2017


I kinda like to shift from just "writing a blog" to writing an experience of a products, resto or anything alike, I don’t want to describe it either as a review, I know there are many blogs  out-here that caters to reviews so I just leave it to them.  

I stand by my words as noted in my previous article, we all have that different taste and likes. I do not have a specific reference of what’s a perfect steak nor a perfect omelette.

I’m just a simple ASIAN who loves food , someone who immediately falls into Asian food, someone who dig more on the heavy side, I love sweets, rice, steaks, soy sauce and so on, I solely rely on my taste buds and the experience I have during my meal so let’s get started.

Every Morning of Saturday it is my constant practice to be in the church, it is my time for meditation and to be alone in the house of God, (my way of giving back for all the blessings) What’s more special about Saturday is that, I take every chance/moment to try out breakfast in different resto, I’ve been doing this for years now without a trace in my blog but I have posted photos in my Instagram and people started to ask about it, so slowly I’ll be posting more of my breakfast adventure here… 

For now, Lemme start with LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN,

I was with hubby yesterday in Marina Crescent, We saw the resto as we walked thru the pathway towards the end of the sea view, I was  a bit hesitant to get inside the resto because I am not able to read the name, ( yep!!! **facepalm***Hahahah) I remembered hubby telling me before that if you can’t read the name in the menu then don’t order it!! Now that I can’t read the name of the resto, I’m totally  having a nervous breakdown (laugh all you want… it’s ok! Lols).

The moment we sat comfortably in our table facing the wonderful view of Marina Sea,
A smiling waitress welcomed us, she was very very nice only that when I asked her to read the resto name, she pronounced  it in a very strong Indian accent to a point that I was imitating her all the way including the nod on the head and she was laughing at me. ( I like her by the way!!)

Seconds after the waitress had taken our orders, we were served with a free starter, a variety of freshly baked bread with fruit Jams and Butter, followed by our hot drinks, soup and the main course.

It was a huge serving that one order plate can be shared by two persons, overall, We had a great time, the food is simply delicious, the location is good and the services is definitely great!!  

Our Total bill is 15KD for two persons, it’s worth the money. 

Truly the RESTO live up to its name LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN which means the daily bread,” where the past meets the present and the future is today.

and finally!!!

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