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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Brain Investment is a wise Choice

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I don’t consider myself as Tech-Savvy but I’m doing my best to get into the trend, I was at the student center a week ago to have a photocopies of my passport, needless to say, I was overwhelmed with the surrounding and I would really want to own a business that offers the same services but better environment in the future or perhaps tomorrow (I’m not in hurry bwahahahaha!!)   

As I entered the shop, There was only one service crew in the counter area who do all the services from photocopying, laminating, faxing and so on… he was entirely loaded with the demands from all of us but he keeps his temper aside and show his smile instead but not until, a certain woman get into the picture, she was in a bad mood to begin with, talking to the service crew in her loud voice that she wanted to print something from her mobile.
The guy in the counter patiently told her to send it to their e-mail address pointing to the monitor in front of the lady so he can print. However, the lady started to get mad like a crazy lady shouting to her highest tone, saying, why it needs to be send by e-mail where he can just take her mobile instead and print, she insist that she don’t know how to use the e-mail, she do not have internet and she cannot send by e-mail, (but I remember hearing a phone call in viber tone on her phone)

I’m actually in a mode of silent, trying to keep myself in proper state of mind, The service crew continue to entertain other customers while the lady started using her phone to call her contacts and saying really nasty words, you can see the hesitation from other customers looking at her, after a few minutes this lady, when back in front of the counter and give the phone to the service crew, she was telling him it is his job and she want him to do it for her….
I was out of the shop after that and I really don’t know how to end the story but somehow, I pity the lady, I feel that when you have the latest gadgets in your hand and lots of money in your wallet, I guess, it is wise to invest a little for your brain to work and an attitude to go with it!!! 

 To the crew, I applaud you for being patient, you’ve done a great job!!! And I’m proud of you KABAYAN!!!!

Saturday, April 1, 2017


This time, it’s not gonna be BREAKFAST but BRUNCH, I was a little bit busy today that I skip my breakfast and went out for brunch which in between breakfast and lunch, You know exactly what happen when you skip the very important meal of the day… YOU’LL GET VERY VERY HUNGRY….!!

And so today’s food adventure is a little bit heavy, I mean, literally heavy as I am very hungry I can eat a whole chicken!! ( hehehehhe). 

I maybe Asian but somehow, I still have my preferences when it comes to Asian food, I’m not a fan of thai foods but after having my brunch at the UBON restaurant I started to love contemporary thai food  specially the chicken satay , Pad Thai and PRAWNS.

Their Ice Lemongrass juice and Vegan Pizza are "TO DIE FOR"  I love it!!!